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Writing 1010 and 2010 need to be taken within the first three semesters at the U, and before students enroll in their upper-division CW writing courses.

The Writing Center is hosting a food drive for the Utah Food Bank. Their goal is to collect 100 canned or shelf-safe items by close of business (7pm) on Monday,December 15th.  Goods can be brought to Room 2701, on the second floor of the Marriott Library.

"Rhetoric is rooted in an essential function of language itself, a function that is wholly realistic and continually born anew: the use of language as a symbolic means of inducing cooperation in beings that by nature respond to symbols."

-Kenneth Burke

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In July, 2014 the University Writing Program became the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies, making it one of several high-profile institutions in the country to better identify its role locally and nationally. We now offer a growing major and minor while still offering essential writing courses to undergraduate and graduate students across campus. Our interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Writing and Rhetoric Studies is currently offered through three partnering departments; students take courses with us and complement their scholarly interest through the partnering department.

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Usability Testing Community Partnership

During Fall semester, Dr. Natalie Stillman-Webb’s Document Design and Usability Class partnered with the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts (SPA) to conduct usability testing on the charter high school’s website.  Writing students gathered user feedback about the website in the usability lab at the Marriott Library, employing specialized software that tracks people’s mouse clicks and reactions as they interact with a website.

According to SPA principal, Dr. Susan Brady, “The class, through in depth analysis and usability testing, was able to make recommendations that will improve our site. The group looked at our targeted needs such as ease of website navigation, number of clicks to access information, location of important information, and appearance of the website as a recruitment tool for prospective parents/students.  The class produced a report of troubled areas that we targeted, suggestions for fixing them, as well as other concerns the test subjects and focus groups brought up that were beyond our initial focus.  We are developing a plan to implement the changes that these wonderful students from the U suggested based upon their research and findings.”




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Writing is a key component in nearly every career and highly valued in the workplace.  It is generally within the top three skills employers look for in prospective employees. We administer the required expository writing courses, WRTG 1010 and 2010, as well as courses relevant for success in the workplace.