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The Detective Annex: Where Is 221B Baker Street?

Alison Booth, University of Virginia

March 2, 3:30
Jewel Box (CTIHB 143)

Sherlock Holmes, the invention of Arthur Conan Doyle, is ubiquitous in many adaptations, including the current seasons of Sherlock. Rather than discuss the stories or Doyle criticism, this talk concerns the extra-literary phenomena of the iconic detective, particularly the strange case of his residence. Building on her study of biographical house museums in Homes and Haunts (2016), Professor Booth searches for various reconstructions of Holmes’s study and rooms, not only in the real Baker Street but at the University of Minnesota Library and elsewhere, where curators and fans collect clues or relics, and pursue time-honored rites of literary pilgrimage and criticism.

Work in Progress Seminar:
Webs, Types, and Middlemarch: Digital Studies of Women’s Lives

March 3rd
LNCO 3865

Alison Booth is Professor of English at the University of Virginia and Director of the Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia Library. She is author, most recently, of the book Homes and Haunts: Touring Writers' Shrines and Countries (Oxford University Press, 2016), and director of the digital project Collective Biographies of Women.

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