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Indigenous Languages Encounter

The Indigenous Languages Summit seeks to raise awareness about the living indigenous languages spoken in the state of Utah. The summit also seeks to develop networks between language instructors, students and members of the community who value indigenous languages.

This event will focus on six languages, three historically tied to the region, Diné (Navajo), Shoshone and Ute; as well as three languages new to the region as a result of immigration from Latin America: K'iche', Ecuadorian Quechua and Nahuatl.


  • Tashina Barber - Navajo
  • Eduardo de la Cruz Cruz - Nahuatl
  • Drusilla Gould - Shoshone
  • Kristina Groves - Ute
  • Armando Muyolema - Ecuadorian Quechua
  • Julio Alonzo Xocol Tzep - K'iche'

Join the discussion about living indigenous languages!

Last Updated: 2/14/17