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Our Shared Commitment

Dear College of Humanities Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Tumultuous times call for an affirmation of our shared commitments. As leaders of the College of Humanities, we remain devoted to the creation and sustenance of open, rigorous, and intellectually robust inquiry and education that welcomes all members of our community regardless of their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or country of origin. Our commitment to intellectual freedom remains unshakeable. We will continue to shine a bright light on the darker corners of history and on the glories of human achievement; to ask the most difficult questions while engaging in respectful and informed dialogue that invites all voices and political views to be heard; and to prepare every one of our students for success no matter the challenges that may lie ahead. These commitments will not change.

As proud members of the College of Humanities community, we stand ready to offer support to all who call our College their intellectual home.  As Senior Vice-President Ruth Watkins and Chief Global Officer Michael Hardman affirmed in their recent message, we deeply value all of the members of our community, and pledge our support during this challenging time for the international members of our community whose contributions are essential to our intellectual mission.

Dianne Harris, Dean, College of Humanities
Stuart Culver, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Jake Jensen, Associate Dean for Research
Taunya Dressler, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Katharina Gerstenberger, Chair, Department of World Languages and Cultures
Matt Haber, Chair, Department of Philosophy
Patricia Hana, Interim Chair, Department of Linguistics
Eric Hinderaker, Chair, Department of History
Jay Jordan, Chair, Department of Writing and Rhetoric Studies
Kent Ono, Chair, Department of Communication
Barry Weller, Chair, Department of English





Last Updated: 2/22/17