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Petitions for Exception to Policy

The University has provided means for students to be granted exceptions to University policy. This allows students the chance to petition certain policies for non-academic reasons such as illness, military leave, family emergencies, etc.

Exceptions to policy include:

 Withdrawal from a course after the withdrawal deadline for the same term

 Retroactive withdrawal

 Retroactive registration

 Section change or cross-referenced course

 Late registration request

 Change in CR/NC status

 Retroactive change in credit hours

This must always be done through the Dean's Office of the college of the student's major.


To petition University policy you must obtain the necessary forms from the Registrar's Office (250 SSB) or the College of Humanities Dean's Office (2100 LNCO).

The necessary forms and all supporting documentation must be received before the Dean's Office will consider your petition. Once your forms and supporting documentation has been received it will be reviewed within 7 days and a recommendation will be sent to the Registrar's Office.

If you have questions contact Taunya Dressler by email or call (801) 585-9733.

Last Updated: 9/27/16