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Using a DARS Report

DARS stands for Degree Audit Reporting System which is a program that collects information from a student's record and processes it against a degree program. All University graduation requirements, including bachelor degree, general education, and major requirements, are shown. Your degree audit report will indicated if a requirement has been fulfilled by an ''OK," or still lacking by a '"NO."

What are the advantages of DARS?

DARS provides an easy-to-read tool for you to examine progress toward your major and University graduation requirements. You can use DARS reports and do some "major shopping" by looking at the requirements for a specific degree. Also, DARS is the tool the Graduation Office uses to determine your eligibility for graduation. It is your responsibility to be aware of what requirements you have fulfilled and what are still lacking. Using the DARS can help.

What if I find errors in the DARS report?

Report them to your departmental advisor with as much information as possible such as your student ID number, the degree program, the error, etc. Most problems can be fixed within a day or two. Be sure to run another report later to verify that the error was corrected. Course substitutions and questions regarding transfer credit are handled by your department advisor.

How do I run my own DARS report as a student?

 Go to

 Under the Graduation header click Generate Degree Audit Reports

 Enter the "Catalog Year" and use the pull down menu to choose a Quarter or Semester Degree Program and clicks on "Request Report."

 Read the message given and then click on "Main Menu."

 Click on "View your degree audit report(s)."

 Click on "View" (make sure you click the report you just requested; you can delete old ones you no longer need).

Where can I find more information about DARS?

This website has additional information:

You may also speak with one of the academic advisors in the College of Humanities.

Last Updated: 9/27/16