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Prepped for success

For the past three years, the College of Humanities has invited a select group of first-year students to join the Humanities Scholars, a learning community that immerses students in the dynamic landscape of the humanities. Throughout the program, students explore the range of opportunities available within the humanities, experience each discipline’s approach to addressing today’s most pressing issues, and learn how to connect ideas and apply classroom learning to community challenges.

Meghan Townsend, Peace & Conflict Studies

“Through the Humanities Scholars program, I have enjoyed learning about the various departments and opportunities in the college and the university. I started college not knowing what I wanted to do, but being part of the Humanities Scholars program has helped me navigate my freshman year.”

Brenda Leon Lopez, Peace & Conflict Studies

“This amazing program opened doors for me that have to do with creating safe spaces for people in all forms. Doors that are all inclusive. This program has also taught me how interdisciplinary things are all around us, and that I don’t need to fit one box when I could be like a Venn diagram and be all over the place. It has allowed me to find support throughout my general goal, which is helping people. And for all of this, I am very thankful.”

Kenzie Smith, International Studies and Communication

“With Humanities Scholars, I’ve been able to fully explore what a humanities degree offers. With this program, I’ve gained a network of highly intelligent professors with a passion for helping students and an advisor who understands my goals. Additionally, the program has made me think about what I want out of my college career and I’ve stared to use these goals within my first two semesters.”

Jacqueline Gutierrez, International Studies

“In the Humanities Scholars program, not only did I meet new people and hear new experiences, but I was able to learn many professional factors that have and will continue to help in my educational success. To name a few, I was able to learn about resumes, professional interviews, networking, and personal development. All of these are necessary for me to get into law school and excel in my career choice. Without this program, I definitely would not be as confident to pursue this career.”

Haydn Olsen, English

“As a Humanities Scholar, I was given the opportunity to learn about the lives of the members in my cohort. With such a diverse group, I have been able to grow through seeing their points of view. Being a Humanities Scholar gave me the opportunity to take an alternative spring break and learn about cultures different than my own. Writing a weekly reflective journal gave me opportunities to expand my writing and focus on my personal perceptions about broad topics.”

Chasity Mayo, Communication

“Although I don’t have a concrete career choice, Humanities Scholars has assisted me in realizing my potential and solidifying my goals. This program has shown me the value of the humanities. This field is meant to make connections between various groups of people, finding what we have in common, and building off our similarities. It has allowed me to dive deeply into my consciousness, exploring tough questions through literature and rhetoric. It has taught me the importance of history and how our past mistakes can guide us toward a better future. Humanities has also given me the courage to ask the hard questions, which can result in greater understanding and deeper connection.”

Rosario Sorensen, Communication

“The Humanities Scholars program has given me exposure to a large variety of disciplines, which I have found very enlightening. Also, it has allowed me to get to know diverse students in the program and has given me an opportunity to meet people that have backgrounds different from my own. Each of them is unique and has their own talents, interests, and struggles. Being a non-traditional student and having the opportunity to be with a cohort of students that have become my friends has given me a sense of belonging that I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for this wonderful program.”

Last Updated: 6/1/21