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2110 LNCO Use Guidelines

  1. Unless reserved through the Dean’s office, Rm 2110 LNCO is designated for Faculty, Graduate Student, and Staff use only.
  2. All events scheduled must be sponsored by a regular faculty member of the College of Humanities. Special requests will be considered, however, a faculty sponsor is always required.
  3. An Event Reservation Forums must be filled out and submitted to the Dean’s Office at least 1 week prior to the date of the event.
  4. The sponsoring faculty member is responsible for fulfilling the rules governing use of the room. Any cleanup, rearrangement of furniture or the like not done at the conclusion of the event by the participants will then become the responsibility of the faculty sponsor’s department.
  5. Scheduling priority will be given to events directly involving departments, faculty or staff of the College of Humanities. Only on rare occasions will events be scheduled for groups not affiliated with the college.
  6. 2110 LNCO will not be reserved for classes. There are no exceptions.

Responsibilities of Sponsoring Faculty member

  1. The sponsoring party is responsible for room set up and clean up. Furniture will be arranged in its original positioning and stackable chairs will be returned to stacking racks.
  2. Arrangements for audiovisual and / or technology related equipment are made by the sponsoring party. A representative of the event must be present at the time of delivery of equipment, catering, etc.
  3. Equipment and / or catering must be removed at the end of the event.
  4. Papers, Cups, napkins, etc. will be placed in the trash. Trash containers will be placed outside the entrance door at the end of the event.
  5. Spills on the furniture or carpet will be reported to the Dean’s Office as soon as possible.
  6. In order to provide a clean and orderly environment for special events, it is important that everyone who reserves 2110 LNCO accept responsibility for clean up. Clean up, rearrangement of furniture or the like (see above) must be completed by the end of the reservation time.
  7. The sponsoring faculty member and the reservation contact person will be contacted if the lounge is left untidy or damage is discovered.

2110 LNCO Event Reservation Form


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Last Updated: 3/28/18