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Humanities Radio

Jana Cunningham,
University of Utah Communications Specialist, host of Humanities Radio

Welcome to Humanities Radio, the University of Utah College of Humanities’ podcast. Our goal is to lead conversations about the Humanities in the 21st century. We will talk with faculty, students and alumni to share information and ideas about the importance of the humanities in today’s world.




Episode One

Read, Write, and Think

There are many myths about humanities degrees. Are they degrees to nowhere? Can you actually get a job? Will you learn any practical job skills? Noel Voltz, assistant professor of African American history, explains not only why these are myths, but also examines the benefit of a humanities education. Voltz stresses that the humanities teach valuable and in-demand skills such as reading, writing and thinking that will enhance any major and prepare you for today’s challenging job market.



Episode Two


What is it linguistics? How is it useful? What kind of job can you get with a linguistics degree? Why is there growing demand in the tech industry to hire linguists? Aaron Kaplan, assistant professor of linguistics in the College of Humanities, answers all of these questions.



Episode Three



Associate professor Kevin Coe discusses the flexibility of a communication degree and the key skills taught within the major. As the changing information environment has become richer and more complex, students in communication learn how to adapt, understand and analyze it in order to use it to their advantage both personally and professionally. Coe also discusses the range of jobs available to students in areas such as marketing, advertising, public relations, community relations, journalism, teaching, health communication and graduate education.

Episode Four

Writing and Rhetoric

Writing and Rhetoric

Christie Toth, assistant professor of writing and rhetoric studies, discusses the value of being an effective writer in an evolving and constantly changing world. As writing is a key component in nearly every career, Toth’s department offers majors, minors and courses to help students develop critical abilities for their future jobs. 


Episode Five



From Shakespeare to video games, an English degree teaches valuable skills such as communication in writing, attention to detail and the ability to negotiate and appreciate complexity. Matt Potolsky, professor of English, discusses the diversity of the degree and how it’s more than just studying old books.


Last Updated: 6/13/18