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Being Salvation by Brandon Peterson

Boston's Massacre by Eric Hinderaker

Essential Hindi Grammar by Christine Everaert

Hope, Heart, and the Humanities by Jeff Metcalf

Morta Las Vegas by Nathan Lewis and Stephen Tatum

New Children of Israel by Nathan Devir

Rural Revisions of Golden Age Drama by Elena García-Martín

Social Bots and their Friends by by Robert W. Gehl and Maria Bakardjieva

The Theophilus Legend in Medieval Text and Image by Jerry Root\

The Bone Pile by Maximilian Werner

Back Cast by Jeff Metcalf

The Electric Woman Tessa Fontaine

From Angel to Office Worker by Susie Porter

Tokyo by michael mejia
Illegal Literature Toward a Disruptive Creativity by David Roh
Secularization without End by Vincent Pecora

Religion of a Different Color by Paul Reeve

Amnesia and the Nation by Vincent Cheng
Silence and Song by Melanie Rae Thon
Fictions of Mass Democracy in Nineteenth-Century American by Stacey Margolis

European Colonialism since 1700 by James R. Lehning

In the Club by Ben Cohen
Adventures in Shondaland by Griffin and Meyer
Look Both Ways by Katharine Coles
Flight by katherine coles
Weaving the Dark Web by Robet Gehl
The Broken Country by Paisley Rekdal
Out of the Woods by Julia Corbett
Minor Characters Have Their Day by Jeremy Rosen
Meet Joe Copper by Matthew L Basso
Sister Saints by Colleen McDannell
Kafka's Other Prague by Anne Jamison
Assembling the Tropics by Hugh Cagle
Last Updated: 11/28/18