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John R. Park Debate Society Competes in First National Online Forensics Festival

With the cancellations required by COVID-19, The John R. Park Debate Society anticipated its highly successful tournament would be cut short, including all end-of-season national tournaments. However, a consortium of schools responded to COVID by organizing the first National Online Forensics Festival to celebrate end-of-year competition in a new, online format. On April 25th and 26th, the team joined competition featuring 26 colleges and universities from six states. At this new national tournament, the team won 5 championships: two formats of debate (including co-champions in one event), one public speaking event, and recognition as both the top debate program and top overall program participating in the competition. With the season at an end, the Debate Society plans to resume its regular competitive schedule in the fall through a combination of traditional, hybrid, and online tournaments as required by public health limitations on travel.


Overall Awards

  • 1st Place – Tournament Sweepstakes
  • 1st Place – Debate Sweepstakes
  • 3rd Place – Individual Events Sweepstakes

Individual Event Awards

  • 1st Place – After Dinner Speaking – Zac Ray
  • 2nd Place – Communication Analysis – Grace Osusky
  • 3rd Place – After Dinner Speaking – Ben Jensen
  • 5th Place – Impromptu Speaking – Ryan Knippel
  • 6th Place – Extemporaneous Speaking – Ryan Knippel
  • 6th Place – Informative Speaking – Ben Jensen

Debate Awards

  • Co-Champions – Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Leo Doctorman & Thane Zeeh
  • 1st Place – BP Debate – Katie Workman
  • 3rd Place – BP Debate – Ben Jensen and Grace Osusky


Last Updated: 6/1/21