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John R. Park Debate Society Wins 32 Awards in California

On November 6-8, the John R. Park Debate Society continued its Fall season by attending two online tournaments held by the University of Pacific and San Joaquin Delta College. The weekend saw the team succeed across all categories of competition with nearly two dozen colleges and universities in attendance, including San Francisco State University, Lewis & Clark College, and the University of Nevada. At the first tournament, the Mustang Invitational hosted by San Joaquin Delta College, the Debate Society earned 13 individual awards in public speaking events, collecting 30% of the overall points available in the sweepstakes category that measures the performance of each participating institution. At the second tournament, the Paul Winters Invitational, the Debate Society built on this success, earning an additional 8 individual public speaking awards and with Utah debaters composing half of the competitive field (4 of 8 debaters) in the quarterfinal round of debate.

This individual success contributed to the Debate Society winning first place in the overall sweepstakes competition at the Mustang Invitational, third at the Paul Winters Invitational, and first in the combined weekend-long sweepstakes competition. The team will conclude its Fall season at the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association Fall Championships at the beginning of December. 

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Overall Awards

  • 1st Place – School Sweepstakes – Mustang Invitational
  • 1st Place – School Sweepstakes – Swing (Tournaments Combined)
  • 2nd Place – Individual Sweepstakes – Ashton Poindexter
  • 3rd Place – School Sweepstakes – Paul Winters Invitational

Individual Events Awards
Mustang Invitational

  • 1st Place – After Dinner Speaking – Ryan Knippel
  • 1st Place – Communication Analysis – Grace Osusky
  • 1st Place – Extemporaneous Speaking – Meredith Jenkins
  • 1st Place – Persuasive Speaking – Meredith Jenkins
  • 2nd Place – Communication Analysis – Scarlet Urey
  • 2nd Place – Extemporaneous Speaking – Katie Workman
  • 2nd Place – Impromptu Speaking – Ashton Poindexter
  • 2nd Place – Persuasive Speaking – Ashton Zeeman
  • 2nd Place – Poetry Interpretation – Vivian Lee
  • 3rd Place – Extemporaneous Speaking – Ryan Knippel
  • 3rd Place – Impromptu Speaking – Jared Lange
  • 3rd Place – Informative Speaking – Jared Lange
  • 5th Place – Dramatic Interpretation – Alex Garr

Individual Events Awards
Paul Winters Invitational

  • 1st Place – Communication Analysis – Grace Osusky
  • 2nd Place – Communication Analysis – Scarlet Urey
  • 3rd Place – After Dinner Speaking – Katie Workman
  • 3rd Place – Impromptu Speaking – Ashton Poindexter
  • 4th Place – Extemporaneous Speaking – Meredith Jenkins
  • 4th Place – Poetry Interpretation – Vivian Lee
  • 5th Place – Extemporaneous Speaking – Katie Workman
  • 5th Place – Programmed Oral Interpretation – Vivian Lee

Debate Awards
Paul Winters Invitational

  • 1st Place Speaker – Lincoln Douglas Debate – Ashton Poindexter
  • 2nd Place – Lincoln Douglas Debate – Ashton Poindexter
  • 5th Place Speaker – Lincoln Douglas Debate – Alyssa Lee
  • Semifinalist – Lincoln Douglas Debate – Leo Doctorman
  • Quarterfinalist – Lincoln Douglas Debate – Alyssa Lee
  • Quarterfinalist – Lincoln Douglas Debate – Thane Zeeh
  • Octafinalist – Lincoln Douglas Debate – Umair Subhani


Last Updated: 7/16/21