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John R. Park Debate Society Wins International Championship; Top Four-Year Honors

The John R. Park Debate Society competed in the International Forensics Association's 31st Annual Tournament & Conference on March 13-14, 2021. In the U's third appearance at the tournament, students won an event, placed in finals in nine additional events, earned top four awards in two out of three debate events, finished second place overall awards, and took first place honors among four-year universities by out performing Yale University, the University of Washington, and Vanderbilt University among the 38 programs in attendance. The team will continue its spring season at the National Forensics Association National Championship Tournament held on April 15-19, 2021. 

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Overall Awards:

  • 2nd Place – Overall Sweepstakes (1st Place – Four Year Universities)

Individual Event Awards:

  • International Champion – After Dinner Speaking – Ryan Knippel
  • 2nd Place – Informative Speaking – Jared Lange
  • 2nd Place – Rhetorical Criticism – Grace Osusky
  • 3rd Place – Impromptu Speaking – Julane Machado
  • 4th Place – Extemporaneous Speaking – Ryan Knippel
  • 4th Place – Persuasive Speaking – Meredith Jenkins
  • 6th Place – Persuasive Speaking – Grace Osusky
  • Semifinalist – Extemporaneous Speaking – Grace Osusky
  • Semifinalist – Extemporaneous Speaking – Jared Lange
  • Semifinalist – Extemporaneous Speaking – Meredith Jenkins

Debate Awards:

  • 2nd Place – British Parliamentary Debate – Jared Lange & Ryan Knippel
  • 4th Place – British Parliamentary Debate – Grace Osusky & Vivian Lee
  • 4th Place – International Public Debate – Meredith Jenkins
  • Quarterfinalist – International Public Debate – Tiffany Chan
  • Octafinalist – International Public Debate – Ashton Poindexter


Last Updated: 6/1/21