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John R. Park Debate Society Finishes the Fall Season With a Big Win

The John R. Park Debate Society wrapped up its fall season in Norwalk, California on December 4-6, 2022, participating in the PSCFA Fall Champs Invitational. The team had 14 final-round appearances and completed a sweep of NDA-LD debate, earning the top three spots in the event. Additionally, the team won the 4-year sweepstakes title, continuing its eight-year winning streak at this tournament against the 32 other teams in attendance, including Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego State University, Northern Arizona University, Concordia University Irvine, and three California State universities. The team will resume competition in the spring when they host the Great Salt Lake tournament on January 14-16.

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Overall Awards:

  • 1st Place Sweepstakes – 4-Year

Individual Event Awards:

  • 1st Place After Dinner Speaking – Ryan Knippel
  • 1st Place Extemporaneous Speaking – Ryan Knippel
  • 2nd Place Informative Speaking – Meredith Jenkins
  • 2nd Place Communication Analysis – Willow Wilson
  • 3rd Place Persuasive Speaking – Meredith Jenkins
  • 3rd Place Duet – Javier Tejeda and Willow Wilson
  • 4th Place After Dinner Speaking – Madeleine Felix
  • 4th Place Extemporaneous Speaking – Adelyn Kobe
  • 5th Place Informative Speaking – Merrin Maughan
  • 6th Place Impromptu Speaking – Meredith Jenkins
  • 7th Place Informative Speaking – Adelyn Kobe

Debate Awards:

  • 1st Place NFA-LD – Merrin Maughan
  • 2nd Place NFA-LD – Madeleine Felix
  • 3rd Place NFA-LD – Ryan Knippel
  • 5th Place Junior Parliamenary Debate Speaker – Adelyn Kobe
  • 7th Place Junior Parliamentary Debate Speaker – Javier Tejeda
Last Updated: 12/12/22