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Debate Society Wins Big in Oregon

The John R. Park Debate Society continued its competitive season in Portland, OR where students attended the Neil Saban Lincoln-Douglas Tournament & Steve Hunt Classic. At the tournaments, the debate society faced competition from more 20 colleges and universities, including University of California-Berkeley, Rice University and Gonzaga University. Across the weekend, the U’s debate team participated in two Lincoln-Douglas Debate tournaments, one individual events tournament and one British Parliamentary Debate tournament. With fourteen final round appearances, the team ended the weekend with three first place finishes and the third place overall school award. The team will look to continue its winning ways when it travels to University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, Oct. 31-Nov. 4, 2019.


Overall Awards

3rd Place Tournament Sweepstakes

3rd Place Individual Event Sweepstakes 

Individual Event Awards

1st Place - Communication Analysis - Chris de Freitas

1st Place - Prose Interpretation - Zac Ray

2nd Place - Impromptu Speaking - Chris de Freitas

2nd Place - Extemporaneous Speaking - Grace Osusky

4th Place - Communication Analysis - Grace Osusky

4th Place - Impromptu Speaking - Ashton Poindexter

4th Place - Informative Speaking - Ben Jensen

5th Place - After Dinner Speaking - Ashton Poindexter

5th Place - Individual Sweepstakes - Zac Ray

Debate Awards

  • Neil Saban Lincoln-Douglas Debate Tournament

1st place - LD Debate - Thane Zeeh

2nd place - LD Debate - Leo Doctorman

  • Steve Hunt Classic Lincoln-Douglas Debate Tournament

Top Speaker - LD Debate - Chris de Freitas

2nd Speaker - LD Debate - Amanda Shepherd

2nd place - LD Debate - Chris de Freitas

Quarterfinalist - LD Debate - Amanda Shepherd

  • Steve Hunt Classic British Parliamentary Debate Tournament

2nd Place - BP Debate - Wendy Joseph

Quarterfinalists BP Debate - Ben Jensen & Grace Osusky

18th Speaker - BP Debate - Grace Osusky

19th Speaker - BP Debate - Ben Jensen

Last Updated: 12/6/22