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John R. Park Debate Society Wins Season Opener

The John R. Park Debate Society traveled to Powell, Wyoming for the 49th Annual Trapper Rendezvous to open its 2018-2019 competitive season. Among the team’s many accomplishments, five students walked away with top honors, including an undefeated record in NPDA debate culiminating in the tournament championship. The team will look to expand on its strong start to the season when it travels to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR in October.


Overall Awards

1st Place - Tournament Sweepstakes

1st Place - Debate Sweepstakes

1st Place - Individual Event Sweepstakes

Individual Event Awards

1st Place - Prose Interpretation - Zac Ray

1st Place - Extemporaneous Speaking - Shad Wojciechowski

1st Place - Communication Analysis - Chris de Freitas

1st Place - After Dinner Speaking - Ben Jensen

2nd Place - After Dinner Speaking - Zac Ray

2nd Place - Persuasive Speaking - Katie Workman

2nd Place - Informative Speaking - Vivian Lee

2nd Place - Communication Analysis - Grace Osusky

3rd Place - Impromptu Speaking  - Chris de Freitas

3rd Place - After Dinner Speaking - Shad Wojciechowski

3rd Place - Informative Speaking - Ben Jensen

4th Place - Programmed Oral Interpretation - Zac Ray

4th Place - Communication Analysis - Ashton Poindexter

Debate Awards

1st Place - NPDA Parliamentary Debate - Ashton Poindexter & Chris de Freitas

2nd Place - IPDA Debate - Shad Wojciechowski

2nd Speaker - NPDA Parliamentary Debate - Chris de Freitas

5th Speaker - NPDA Parliamentary Debate - Ashton Poindexter

Quarterfinals - NPDA Parliamentary Debate - Grace Osusky & Ben Jensen

Quarterfinals - IPDA Debate - Zac Ray 

Last Updated: 6/1/21