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Humanities Students Represent

Photo from the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research, Friday, Feb. 17, 2023

Humanities Students Represent College at Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research

The University of Utah hosted the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research, Friday, Feb. 17, 2023. Students from all over the state showcased their research and learned from each other. The College of Humanities was delighted to host a networking breakfast for humanities students and faculty from across Utah. The College of Humanities is thrilled to have many undergraduate students presenting at the conference about their research in the humanities and other areas.

Callie Avondet "The Goal is to Build and Strengthen the Black Community:" Black Faculty and Staff's Role in Black Power Movement at the University of Utah. Faculty mentor Dr. Shavauna Munster

America Cox Utilizing Genomic and Metabolic Data to Investigate the Evolutionary Ecology of Ant-Farmed Fungi. Faculty mentor Bryn Dentiger

Jordan Davidson Correlating the Cognitive Bias Blind Spot with Perseverance. Faculty mentor Frank Drews

Annie Jensen (Un)Manning Alexander: The Reception of Bagoas the Eunuch in Contemporary Narratives of Alexander the Great. Faculty mentor Dr. Mira Green

Jacob Johnson Tool-Assisted Induction of MITSL Languages. Faculty mentor Dr. Aniello DeSanto

Suzanne Kekoa Decolonial Postcard. Faculty mentor Dr. Maile Arvin

Bridget Kelly Worship of Women in Ancient Greek Myth and Culture. Faculty mentor Dr. Alexis Christensen

Eliana Massey Best Practices for Undergraduate Research Journals to Support Student Researchers. Faculty mentor Dr. Annie Fukushima

Casey Miller Mathematical Models of Tone in Thai Reduplication Patterns. Faculty mentor Dr. Aniello DeSanto

Brianna Oliveros  Qualitative Usability Evaluation of the Revised Color Me Healthy App: Perceptions of Parents. Faculty mentor Lauri Linder

Catherine Peterson Examining the Relationship Between Air Quality Trends and Glycemic Outcomes Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Faculty mentor Ramkiran Gouripeddi

Luke Seaver Mapping the Conservative Movement. Faculty mentor Dr. Peter Roady

Haley Utendorfer Qualitative Usability Evaluation of the Revised Color Me Healthy App: Perceptions of Children. Faculty mentor Lauri Linder

Mykie Valenzuela We Are What We Read: The Problem of Representation on Undergraduate Philosophy Syllabi. Faculty mentor Dr. Carlos Santana

The college is appreciative of the involvement of so many volunteers at the conference including Tanya Flores, associate chair and associate professor in World Languages and Cultures; Rachel Hayes-Harb, professor in linguistics and associate dean in the Honors College; Elizabeth Warren, associate instructor in Spanish; Heather Hoyt, graduate student in philosophy; and Jazmine Lopez, graduate student in environmental humanities.


Jana Cunningham, University of Utah College of Humanities | 801-213-0866


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