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Sara Yeo

Sara Yeo

Sara Yeo Joins National Academies’ Standing Committee on Advancing Science Communication

Sara Yeo, associate professor of communication, was recently selected a member of the National Academies’ Standing Committee on Advancing Science Communication. She and her cohort of scholars and practitioners – who come from diverse scientific and health fields, communities and networks – will serve a three-year term and join current committee members to continue work in fostering increased collaboration between researchers and practitioners and providing leadership to help advance the field of science communication in ways that are equitable, inclusive and evidence based.

“Within this committee, we consider science communication broadly, which includes both one- and two-way engagement,” said yeo. “Some examples of issues that we consider include the challenge posed by misinformation, equity in science communication research and practice, and infrastructure and capacities in the field. There are experts on the committee in all of these areas and I look forward to making progress on these important topics with such a great group of individuals.”

The Standing Committee on Advancing Science Communication works to:

  • expand collaborations between researchers and practitioners to build the evidence base and advance the use of research to address real-world challenges of communicators and communities
  • increase institutional and systemic supports for evidence-based science communication and engagement with diverse communities to their benefit
  • build the capacity of individuals and organizations to communicate science effectively across a range of professional science communication roles
  • lead the field toward equitable solutions to science communication challenges


Last Updated: 2/10/23