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2010-13 Faculty Book Publications

Department of Communication

James A. Anderson, Media Research Methods: Understanding Metric and Interpretive Approaches, Sage Publications, 2011

Heather E. Canary and R.D. McPhee (eds.), Communication and Organizational Knowledge: Contemporary Issues for Theory and Practice. New York: Routledge, 2010

Julia Corbett, Seven Summers, University of Utah Press, 2013

Robin E. Jensen, Dirty Words: The Rhetoric of Public Sex Education, 1870-1924, University of Illinois Press, 2010

Kimberly Mangun, A Force for Change: Beatrice Morrow Cannady and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Oregon, 1912-1936, Oregon State University Press, 2010

Kent Ono and Michael Lacy, (eds.), Critical Rhetorics of Race, New York University Press, 2011.


Department of English

Katharine Coles, ed., Blueprints: Bringing Poetry into Community, University of Utah Press, 2011.

Katharine Coles, Problems of Description, Red Butte Press, 2012

Katharine Coles, The Earth Is Not Flat, Red Hen Press, 2013

Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith, (eds.), Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, University of Chicago Press, 2011

Craig Dworkin, Motes, New York: Roof Books, 2011

Craig Dworkin, No Medium, Cambridge: MIT Press, 2013

Thomas Huckin and Christine Hult, The New Century Handbook, 5th edition, Pearson Longman, 2011

Anne Jamison, Poetics en passant: Redefining the Relationship between Victorian and Modern Poetry, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

Jay Jordan, Michelle Cox, Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, and Gwen Gray Schwartz, eds., Reinventing Identities in Second Language Writing, National Council of Teachers of English, 2010

Jay Jordan, Redesigning Composition for Multilingual Realities, NCTE, 2012

Lance Olsen, Calendar of Regrets, FC2, 2010

Lance Olsen, Architectures of Possibility: After Innovative Writing, Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2012

Jacqueline Osherow, Whitethorn, Louisiana State University Press, 2011

Matthew Potolsky, The Decadent Republic of Letters: Taste, Politics, and Cosmopolitan Community from Baudelaire to Beardsley, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012

Paisley Rekdal, Animal Eye, University of Pittsburg Poetry Series, 2012

Angela M. Smith, Hideous Progeny: Disability, Eugenics, and Classic Horror Cinema, Columbia University Press, 2012

R. Stephen Tatum, In the Remington Moment, University of Nebraska Press, 2010

Melanie Rae Thon, The Voice of the River, University of Alabama Press, 2011

Melanie Rae Thon, In this Light: New & Selected Stories, Graywolf Press, 2011


Department of History

Matthew Basso, Men at Work: Rediscovering Depression-Era Stories from the Federal Writers' Project, University of Utah Press, 2012

Matthew Basso, Andrew Farnsworth, Ralph Powell, and Judy BluntWo/Men at Work, Red Butte Press, 2011

Eric Hinderaker, The Two Hendricks: Unraveling a Mohawk Mystery, Harvard University Press, 2010

Colleen McDannell, The Spirit of the Vatican II: A History of Catholic Reform in America, Basic Books, 2011

Isabel Moreira and Margaret Toscano, (eds.), Hell and Its Afterlife: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Ashgate Publishing, 2010

Isabel Moreira, Heaven's Purge: Purgatory in Late Antiquity, Oxford University Press, 2010.

Bradley J. Parker and Catherine P. Foster, (eds.), New Perspectives on Household Archaeology, Eisenbrauns, 2012.

Bradley J. Parker, R. Boytner, L.S. Dodd, (eds.), Controlling the Past, Owning the Future: The Political Uses of Archaeology in the Middle East, University of Arizona Press, 2010

Susie Porter, Nora Jaffray, Ed Osowski, (eds.), Mexican History: A Primary Source Reader, Westview Press, 2010

W. Paul Reeve and Ardis E. Parshall (eds.), Mormonism: A Historical Encyclopedia, ABC-CLIO, 2010

W. Paul Reeve and Michael Scott Van Wagenen, (eds.), Between Pulpit and Pew: The Supernatural World in Mormon History and Folklore, Utah State University Press, 2011

Peter Sluglett and Stefan Weber (eds.), Syria and Bilad al-Sham under Ottoman Rule: Essays in Honour of Abdul-Karim Rafeq, Brill, 2010

Peter Sluglett and Hakan Yavuz (eds.), War and Diplomacy: the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 and the Treaty of Berlin, Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2011

Peter Sluglett, and Jordi Tejel, Riccardo Bocco and Hamit Bozarslan (eds.), Writing the Modern History of Iraq: Historiographical and Political Challenges, World Scientific Publishing/Imperial College London Press, 2012.

Peter von Sivers, Charles Desnoyers, and George Stow, Patterns of World History, New York: Oxford University Press, 2011


Department of Languages and Literature

Soheila Amirsoleimani, Awkwardly Do I Walk (a collection of English poems), IBEX Publishers, 2012.

Shoji Azuma, Senkyo Enzetsu no Gengogaku ('Linguistics of Political Speeches'), Minerva Shooboo, 2010

Karin Baumgartner and Margrit Zinggeler (eds.), From Multiculturalism to Cultural Hybridity: New Approaches to Teaching Modern Switzerland, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010

Christine Everaert, TraCing the Boundaries Between Hindi and Urdu; Lost and Added in Translation between 20th Century Short Stories, Brill Publishers, 2010.

Gerstenberger, Katharina and Jana Evans Braziel, (eds.), After the Berlin Wall: Germany and Beyond, New York: Palgrave, 2011

Christine Jones and Jennifer Schacker, (eds.), Marvelous Transformations. An Anthology of Fairy Tales and Contemporary Critical Perspectives, Broadview Press, 2012.

Christine Jones, Shapely Bodies: The Image of Porcelain in Eighteenth-Century France: Studies in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Art and Culture, University of Delaware Press/Rowan and Littlefield, 2013.

Eric Laursen, Toxic Voices: The Villain from Early Soviet Literature to Socialist Realism, Northwestern University Press, 2013.

Margaret Toscano and Isabel Moreira, (eds.), Hell and Its Afterlife: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming, 2010

Fernando Rubio and J. Thoms, (eds.), Hybrid Language Teaching and Learning: Exploring Theoretical, Pedagogical and Curricular Issues, Cengage/Heinle, 2012.

Margaret Wan and Vibeke Børdahl (eds.), The Interplay of the Oral and the Written in Chinese Popular Literature. Copenhagen: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies Press, 2010

Fusheng Wu, A Study of English Translations of Chinese Poetry: James Legge, Herbert Giles, Arthur Waley, and Ezra Pound, The Academy Press, 2012.


Department of Linguistics

MaryAnn Christison and Denise E. Murray,What Language Teachers Need to Know I: Understanding Learning, Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2010

MaryAnn Christison and Denise E. Murray,What Language Teachers Need to Know II: Facilitating Learning, Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2010

MaryAnn Christison and Fredricaka L. Stoller (eds.), A Handbook for Language Program Administrators (2nd edition), Alta Book Publishers, 2012

MaryAnn Christison, Learning to Teach Languages, University of Michigan Press, 2012

Randall Eggert,This Book is Taboo: An Introduction to Linguistics through Swearing, Kendall Hunt, 2011

Adrian Palmer, Language Assessment in Practice, Oxford University Press, 2010.


Department of Philosophy

Chrisoula Andreou and Mark D. White, (eds.), The Thief of Time: Philosophical Essays on Procrastination, Oxford University Press, 2010

Stephen Downes, Ed., Philosophy of Science Vol. 78, Issue 5: Proceedings of the 2010 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association: Part 1, Contributed Papers, University of Chicago Press, 2011

Stephen Downes and Elizabeth Cashdan, (eds.), Special Issue of Human Nature: Evolution and Human Aggression, Vol 23, No. 1, 2012

Stephen Downes and Edouard Macher, Arguing About Human Nature, Routledge, 2013

Elijah Millgram, Praktische Induktion, Paderborn: Mentis, 2010 (German translation of Practical Induction)

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