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Gateway to Learning Workshops – Summer 2015

"Every time I continue to learn and be a student, it makes me a better educator."
-Jessica S., Canyons School District

Paul Reeve seminarEstablished in 1990, our Gateway to Learning Educator Workshops offer K-12 Utah teachers rigorous, affordable professional development opportunities and continuing education courses at the University of Utah. Under the direction of nationally recognized University of Utah faculty members, teachers attend week-long summer workshops to explore current scholarship on academic subjects, new pedagogical methods, curriculum development, and innovative classroom technologies.

Workshops seek to help Utah teachers meet state and federal requirements for professional development and continuing education; create connections between faculty members and K-12 teachers; build an intellectual community of teachers throughout the state; enhance content knowledge and instructional methods for Utah teachers; energize teacher and student engagement in the classroom; and improve academic performance statewide for K-12 students.

In 2015, the Tanner Humanities Center hosted seven week-long workshops serving more than 200 of Utah’s educators. Subjects included:

  • The Environment in Film with Professor Danielle Endres (Communication)
  • Children’s Literature with Professor Janet Kaufman (English)
  • The Cold War with Professor John Reed (History)
  • Contemporary Rewritings and Adaptations of Classic Literature with Professor Jeremy Rosen (English)
  • Multicultural Education with Andrea Garavito (Education, Culture & Society)
  • Seminar on English and American Classics with Professor Vince Cheng (English)
  • Contemporary China with Professors Yanqi Tong (Political Science); Dennis Wei (Geography); Ming Wen (Sociology); and Steven Riep (English) and Eric Hyer (Political Science) from Brigham Young University
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