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Helene Shugart Named as New Associate Dean for the Graduate School


The University of Utah Graduate School announced Monday that Dr. Helene A. Shugart has accepted the position of Associate Dean for the Graduate School, effective July 1, 2023. Dr. Shugart will provide leadership and direction for the Graduate School in her new role.

“Dr. Shugart brings a wealth of experience to the position, including a clear sense of how best to recruit, attract, and retain top graduate students to the U,” said Dr. Hollis Robbins, Dean of the College of Humanities. “I look forward to working with the Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Darryl Butt, and Helga in the year ahead.”

 Dr. Shugart joined the faculty of the University of Utah as an assistant professor in the Department of Communication in 2001, where she developed and sustained a robust and distinguished research program. In addition, she has taught numerous and varied graduate seminars and undergraduate courses and directed or otherwise advised dozens of doctoral and masters students. Dr. Shugart has also had the opportunity to serve in a host of service and administrative capacities throughout her time at Utah.  

  Dr. Shugart served as a Director of Graduate Studies from 2014 – 2021 for the Department of Communication, where she created a structured, comprehensive, and intentional graduate curriculum across four areas of emphasis. During her time as DGS, she also created a series of weekly graduate workshops ranging from crafting research proposals to writing for publications to developing teaching skills to preparing for the academic job market. 

Dr. Shugart has also worked very closely with the Graduate School’s Diversity Office to recruit applications from talented and prepared diverse students; identify and offer resources to incentivize acceptance by admitted diverse students; and to ensure sustained support for enrolled diverse students. Dr. Shugart was recognized for her contributions to graduate students with the Distinguished Mentor Award in 2022. 

  Further information regarding the Graduate School can be found here. 

Last Updated: 7/11/23