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Humanities Student Scholar Spotlight


Humanities Research Student Profile

Eliana Massey, an honors student studying humanities university studies and philosophy of science, and Callie Avondet, an honors student studying sociology and history, spent part of summer 2024 in Hawai’i conducting research with faculty mentor Maile Arvin.

“I spent over a week in O’ahu during summer 2023 to help research the history of child institutionalization/incarceration in Hawai’I,” said Eliana. “This project fits into a larger context of research related to federal Indian boarding schools or assimilatory institutions for Indigenous children. While I was in O’ahu, I helped identify and scan primary source materials in archives, visited the locations of former institutions, and met with members of our community advisory board. I am grateful I’ve been able continue this important research since our field work research trip. This trip was especially memorable for me because I am Kānaka Maoli – Native Hawaiian – and  it was my first-time visiting Hawai’i and seeing some of the places I’ve heard my family members mention.”  

Read more about Eliana’s experience on the project website.



Fall 2024 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Guided by faculty mentors in cutting edge research, multiple humanities students presented their work during the Fall 2024 virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium led by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Addison Bethards, majoring in speech and hearing sciences and Spanish with a minor in linguistics

Case Study of Vowel Development in a Bilingual Hard of Hearing Child

Faculty Mentor: Tanya Flores

Caleb Curtis, majoring in classics

A Mycenean Environment

Faculty Mentor: Alexis Christensen

Melissa Lira, majoring in international studies with minors in book arts and photography

One's Own Little Universe: A Global Anthology of Diary Fiction

Faculty Mentor: Trace Daniels-Lerberg

Tiana Ko, majoring in communication and urban ecology

Enhancing Barrier-Free and Safe Public Transportation for University of Utah

Faculty Mentor: Andy Hong

To view the full program, click here.



Spring 2024 Undergraduate Research Funding

Five students in the College of Humanities were awarded Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program awards for spring 2024. This research award supports research projects the students proposed with a faculty mentor. Congratulations students and mentors.

Ryan Christenson: Portrayals of Women in Taiping Guangji: A Study of Female Roles and Archetypes in Medieval Chinese Narrative Literature

Mentor: Margaret Wan, world languages and cultures

Mike Komigi: Embracing Perspectives of Melanesian West Papua in Museums as Way of Recognition and Decolonization.

Mentor: Maile Arvin, history 

Eliana Massey Nā Lei Poina ʻOle (Children Never Forgotten): Representing Histories of Child Institutionalization in Hawaiʻi

Mentor: Maile Arvin, history 

Brandon Osgan: Vowel Reduction of Bolognese analyzed in Optimality Theory

Mentor: Ed Rubin, linguistics 

Thea Soter: Coming Home: A Project of History, Heartache, and Heritage

Mentor: Disa Gambera, English
Last Updated: 12/15/23