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Congratulations to Kent Ono

Professor and Communication Department Chair awarded 2013 Paul Boase Prize for Scholarship.

Named in honor of Paul Boase, former Director of the School of

Interpersonal Communication (now the School of Communication Studies) at

Ohio University, this award honors distinguished scholarship in the field

of communication. The Boase Prize honors scholars who have made an

outstanding contribution to the discipline through recent scholarship

that has had a major influence on the direction of scholarship within the

field. The award is given to a person whose scholarship demonstrates a

commitment to the field in ways that honor the spirit of Paul Boase‹his

dedication to others, his dedication to making a difference, and his love

of learning. The criteria we used for making this award selection

included: the intellectual creativity and depth of the scholarship, its

immediate impact on the community of scholars, and its potential for

enduring value.

Last Updated: 6/1/21