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Students Showcase their Research in First Humanities Poster Session



Student showcasing research.

The College of Humanities at the University of Utah hosted its first Humanities Student Research Poster Session on April 25, 2023, showcasing the work of 26 students from various disciplines. Students from Salt Lake Community College also presented at the event.

The poster session provided an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to share their research and engage with peers, faculty and staff. This year's event included 18 posters representing a range of topics. The Office of Undergraduate Research was a proud sponsor of the event. Attendees had the opportunity to speak with the student presenters and learn about their research methods, findings and future directions. The poster session allowed students to gain experience presenting their work in a professional setting, which will be valuable as they pursue careers or academic study.

The Humanities Student Research Poster Session is just one of many opportunities for U students in the humanities to engage with the world around them as they deepen their understanding and extend education beyond the classroom.

Abby Almas, Irena Grunche-Tine, Kelly Kendro, Mary Akbary, Leigh Benzaia  Crosslinguistic Influence in Event Descriptions. Faculty mentor Scott Jarvis

Toochukwu Mariagorettie Awolor  Smiths Diagnostics of Telicity: An application to Igbo. Faculty mentor Aniko Csirmaz

Caleb Curtis  A Mycenaean Environment: An Analysis of the Textual and Archaeological Data from Pylos. Faculty mentor Alexis Christensen

Indu Srimala Herath  Telecity in Sinhala: Examining the Applicability of Smiths (1997) Diagnostics to Sinhala. Faculty mentor Aniko Csirmaz

Bridget Kelly  Leukothea, Helen, and Pasiphae: Female Heroes and their Cults. Faculty mentor Alexis Christensen

Maryam Kinani  Saudi Southern Arabic Incremental Themes Modifier "bi". Faculty mentor Aniko Csirmaz

Eunjin Lee  English Learners' Perception of Korean Three-way Laryngeal Contrasts of Stop Consonants. Faculty mentor Shannon Barrios

Kalista Leggitt, Zeia Woodruff, and Pierce Christofferson  Pediatric Autonomy, Conscientious Objection and Civil Disobedience in Healthcare. Faculty mentor Matt Haber

Pheng Lor (Pheej)  Journey to Transdisciplinary Socio-Environmental Success Lessons from the COAST Card. Faculty mentor Brett Clark

Pheng Lor (Pheej)  Using Community Listening Sessions to Co-design the Potomac Watershed COAST Card. Faculty mentor Brett Clark

Riley Murray, Zeta Bsharah, Samantha Barlow, Emma Farnsworth  The Effects of Exposure and Explicit Stereotypes on Veracity Judgements of Polish-Accented English Speech: A close replication and extension of Boduch-Gabka & Lev-Ari (2021). Faculty mentor Rachel Hayes-Harb

Olamide Ogundare  Lexical Aspects in Yoruba: Telecity and Atelecity Diagnostics. Faculty mentor Aniko Csirmaz

Sylvia Page, Samantha Barlow, Emma Farnsworth  An Investigation on the Effect of Listener's Percept of Speaker Gender on Veracity Judgements (pre-study). Faculty mentor Rachel Hayes-Harb

Jacob Rigby  Legitimizing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam through Cinema. Faculty mentors Shawna Kim and Lowey Ball

Gareth Sanders  Misinformation, Humor and Climate Change: A content analysis of tiktok posts. Faculty Mentor Sara K Yeo

Zachery Thiede  Livy’s Dead History: An Analysis of Feminine Agency in Classical Latin Texts. Faculty mentor Alexis Christensen

Austin Karn (Salt Lake Community College)  Shifts in Attitudes Toward Artificial Intelligence with New Information. Faculty mentor Katie Demong

 Olivia Lohrke (Salt Lake Community College)  Stoicism and Social Justice: Can you be stoic and want to change the world. Faculty mentor Jane Drexler

Last Updated: 5/1/23