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Why Study the Humanities?

Some may question the economic value of a humanities degree. The reality is that the College of Humanities at the University of Utah provides our students with critical skills that prepare them to succeed personally and economically in our increasingly complex and global society.

U of U Humanities alum Kevin Knight, who went on to jobs at Google, Facebook, and Pinterest, talks about the incredible value of a Humanities degree in the world of marketing.


Here are just some of the skills that you'll learn as you study the humanities:

 Critical thinking

 Creative thinking

 Writing and communication

 Cultural awareness and diversity

 Asking questions

 Making connections


 Analyzing media and claims

 Arguing persuasively

 Problem solving and decision making

 Looking at situations from multiple points of view

What We Do

Students in the College of Humanities are known for their critical understanding of diverse cultures, gained through their study of literature, art, ideas and values. Here are some things you may not already know about College of Humanities students:

There are 23 majors and 30 minors offered through the College of Humanities.

The College of Humanities confers 950 bachelor’s degrees and 100 graduate degrees each year.

There are over 30 clubs and organizations on campus with a focus on Humanities issues.

What Our Alumni Say About Their Humanities Experience:

“My study of philosophy at the University of Utah significantly broadened my perspective, taught me the value of rigorous analysis and vastly enriched my life. I benefit every day from my treasured time at the University.”  - Ross “Rocky” Anderson Former mayor, Salt Lake City B.A., Philosophy ‘73

"My education in the humanities at the University of Utah guided me toward the establishment of a personal prime meridian and, I hope, an internal moral clock that helps me find my way in new explorations. My years at the University of Utah served as a baseline from which I could judge myself and assess my contributions to the education and achievements of others. “  - Ann Weaver Hart Current President of the University of New Hampshire College of Humanities Distinguished Alumna, 2004  

Still not convinced?
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Last Updated: 12/14/17